Merry 2013

Happy Holidays for the entire world – Buone Feste per tutto il mondo – Fijne feestdagen voor de hele wereld

It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret
– Ephesians 5:12

perché sono azioni che essi fanno di nascosto ed è vergognoso perfino parlarne
– Efesini 5:12

want wat daar in het verborgene gebeurt, is te schandelijk voor woorden
– Efeziërs 5:12

for I know full well all that you conceal and all that you reveal. And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path
– 60 Mumtahana The Woman to be Examined 1

dan weet Ik het best wat jullie in het verborgen en wat jullie openlijk doen. En wie van jullie het doet is van de correcte weg afgedwaald
– 60 Mumtahina zij die op de proef gesteld wordt 1

Cheers + Peace from Paola & Klaas

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RDBMS gets a follower

RDBMS is an acronym for Relational Database Management System and this means software to make it possible to handle your structured data: Add, change, delete and search.  Everybody on internet deals with it without knowing. For example your browser stores bookmarks (aka favorites) in a database. Can you do everything you want with it?

Theoreticaly the answer is yes given you have enough space and time. In practice the possibilties are limited. However using the cloud an almost unlimited amount of space is available. Processing power, internal memory, disks and other external media of many added together and cooperating i.e. file-sharing is a blessing of Web 2.0 and beyond, but the disadvantage is that so many people produce a huge amount of text in which searching becomes explosively complicated.

One of the solutions might be big data.



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In this blog from January 2011 they are speaking about the same irritating SPAm by Telephone, hence the title spat where they try to sell you energy. An agressive way to address and disturb customers.

One day the number 02396523, another 0230143513, 02329050 and 0232905011, all in one week. They call in the morning or late afternoon. Don’t answer if you see those numbers unless you really want to change energy provider.

la tavolozza

0230143513 Ho ricevuto oggi, mercoledi 12 gennaio, alle 14.20, una telefonata da questo numero. Rumori  di voci in sottofondo e nessuna reazione ai miei ripetuti “pronto, pronto”. Cercando su internet il numero in questione ho visto che alcuni hanno evidenziato più chiamate senza risposta, nella stessa giornata. A questo punto ho richiamato il numero e una voce registrata dice, suppergiù, “Salve , siamo Enel Energia, non siamo riusciti a metterci in contatto con lei ma saremmo lieti di illustrarle la nostra offerta ecc.” A questo punto il quesito sorge spontaneo, siamo all’ennesima “ideona” ?? Ovvero telefonare, anche più volte, e quindi farsi ritelefonare! Il tutto  per non pagare !!! Dubito che siamo di fronte ad un sofisticato strumento di riconoscimento elettronico del numero chiamato! A voi il giudizio!!

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Wiki Loves Monuments

Starting this year Italy, a country with probably more monuments than a normal  person ( who is qualified, in other words: you ever met one you liked? ) can logically think of, at least more than any other EU country I know well enough, participates in Wikimedia Foundation’s international photography contest Wiki Loves Monuments.

You would think: “Piece of cake” to become a contestant here. Magari as the Italians say, roughly translates this expression into English: “I wish this would be the truth, unfortunately it’s not”. Compact language alright, but the way they make easy things more complicated than they seem is a fine art most of the time. Just about everybody wants to state an opinion, not in the last position the government…

Oh well. the infamous bureaucracy we know in most countries I’m afraid. Many of the readers might give examples of this phenomenon invented by the Germans damals, put into practice by the Dutch and as the art is concerned reread the first paragraph if you forgot it yet.

It seems that you need to be punished being an amateur photographer before you can have the slightest idea of doing something wrong, illegal or worse. Demonized avant la lettre like the French say. Talking about letters: One needs to write a letter to the owner(s)/caretaker(s) of the object. Is ‘subject’ here the more appropriate noun? Perhaps in this case I can choose either of the two.

L8r, stay tuned. There might arrive a sequel soon if you want or not. Let’s hope for the good will.

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Ideological differences and similarities

I’m born in a northern country belonging to the European Union and living in a country more southern.

The differences are smaller than you would expect. Both countries are christian by nature though in my home country of which I have the nationality almost half of the population are officialy not really christians. Where I live the majority are, at least officially.

Does being a believer or not, having doubt makes one different, in the sense of better or worse? For me absolutely not at all. We’re all human with failures and qualities, good and evil. Not where we differ counts, but what we have in common.

Christians believe in one God, Islamites in Allah and Israelites in YHWH. Those three names are all One and the Same (monotheists). Even agnostics who believe in Fate, the Force or whatever they believe in (a wee bit) or better said are in doubt (agnostics), they do believe in love. Some ideologies like hinduism believe in more than one (polytheists), none (atheists),  (polytheists) or everything (pantheists) that makes basically 4 or 5 really different ideologies. Some philosophers may not count agnostics, others may consider pantheism just a special case of polytheism.

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ZeaForUs = OlanTagliaNo

Some of you might know me as ZeaForUs, my newest screen name. The name of this blog OlanTagliaNo or similar I used earlier on rare occasions and for a short time. It’s a pun and means a Dutch (Italian olandese) Italian on purpose spelled wrong ( should be italiano, but pronunciation is the same and the word taglia has a meaning: ‘cut’ ).

Getting used to a new culture is not easy and except small differences in religion between Netherlands and Italy the countries are similar enough. Both belong to EU and have income from industry as well as agriculture. Tourism counts as well, especially in parts of  Italy. Imagine the culture shock people from other continents experience. Understanding each other in spite of those differences is where it’s all about on our long way to peace.

This said I wonder if some people are in favor of the peace process. Only weapon factories   and people in their supply chain win; all others will be ‘victims’ of a new crisis. Now there are millions more, so what is the choice worth. We’re all in need of a fair share of wealth. Now!

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