Wiki Loves Monuments

Starting this year Italy, a country with probably more monuments than a normal  person ( who is qualified, in other words: you ever met one you liked? ) can logically think of, at least more than any other EU country I know well enough, participates in Wikimedia Foundation’s international photography contest Wiki Loves Monuments.

You would think: “Piece of cake” to become a contestant here. Magari as the Italians say, roughly translates this expression into English: “I wish this would be the truth, unfortunately it’s not”. Compact language alright, but the way they make easy things more complicated than they seem is a fine art most of the time. Just about everybody wants to state an opinion, not in the last position the government…

Oh well. the infamous bureaucracy we know in most countries I’m afraid. Many of the readers might give examples of this phenomenon invented by the Germans damals, put into practice by the Dutch and as the art is concerned reread the first paragraph if you forgot it yet.

It seems that you need to be punished being an amateur photographer before you can have the slightest idea of doing something wrong, illegal or worse. Demonized avant la lettre like the French say. Talking about letters: One needs to write a letter to the owner(s)/caretaker(s) of the object. Is ‘subject’ here the more appropriate noun? Perhaps in this case I can choose either of the two.

L8r, stay tuned. There might arrive a sequel soon if you want or not. Let’s hope for the good will.


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Born Utrecht city, Netherlands; Living Arezzo province (TOS), Italy
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