ZeaForUs = OlanTagliaNo

Some of you might know me as ZeaForUs, my newest screen name. The name of this blog OlanTagliaNo or similar I used earlier on rare occasions and for a short time. It’s a pun and means a Dutch (Italian olandese) Italian on purpose spelled wrong ( should be italiano, but pronunciation is the same and the word taglia has a meaning: ‘cut’ ).

Getting used to a new culture is not easy and except small differences in religion between Netherlands and Italy the countries are similar enough. Both belong to EU and have income from industry as well as agriculture. Tourism counts as well, especially in parts of  Italy. Imagine the culture shock people from other continents experience. Understanding each other in spite of those differences is where it’s all about on our long way to peace.

This said I wonder if some people are in favor of the peace process. Only weapon factories   and people in their supply chain win; all others will be ‘victims’ of a new crisis. Now there are millions more, so what is the choice worth. We’re all in need of a fair share of wealth. Now!


About klaasv

Born Utrecht city, Netherlands; Living Arezzo province (TOS), Italy
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